Tsumesyo Mikuni

The Charms of Mikuni

Mikuni-cho, a town blessed in nature, cuisine culture, and Japanese tradition

Located in the northwestern part of Fukui Prefecture, Mikuni-cho has beautiful sunsets and beaches, richly-verdant forests, and all the grand nature of the Sea of Japan, including the Tojinbo cliffs, registered as a Place of Scenic Beauty. The area is also known as an edible treasure trove of fruits, vegetables, and seafood like Echizen crab and northern prawn. With fireworks festivals, hot springs, and swimming beaches, there are many leisure options here as well. You'll be able to feel the spirit of Japanese tradition at the Mikuni Festival, where massive samurai figurines are put on parade through the old streets of the town. Witness the abundantly brimming charm of Mikuni and the rich lives of those who call it "home" — come to Mikuni and experience the culture of a Japan yet undiscovered.

Mikuni Exploration Map - Mikuni Minato Cultural Asset Exploration Map (PDF)

About Fukui Prefecture

Tsumesyo Mikuni is located in Fukui, a prefecture near the center of the Japanese archipelago. Traveling by train, Fukui is about three and a half hours from Tokyo, an hour and a half from Kyoto, and two and a half hours from Nagoya. Rich in nature, the prefecture boasts a depth of history and culture that let you encounter the best of old Japan.

Known world-wide as the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, Eihei-ji was established by the Zen master Dogen as the base for the Soto school. In addition to Maruoka Castle, which has the oldest donjon of any existing castle in Japan, and the Asakura Family Historic Ruins, which flourished during the Warring States era in the 15th and 16th century, many festivals, temples, and shrines dating back hundreds of years remain to this day scattered across the prefecture.

Famed for its sake and seafood, Fukui also gives you the chance to savor delicious Japanese cuisine. The prefecture is renowned for the production of traditional crafts as well, including Echizen lacquerware and Echizen Japanese paper. This is truly an area where you can experience life as it has been in Japan since ancient times.