Tsumesyo Mikuni


Dine how you wish, without worry for time.

The suites feature kitchens equipped with a full array of cooking implements as well as induction stovetops. Guests can assemble ingredients of their choosing and prepare their very own feasts. Please, use these facilities to your heart's content.

Mikuni-minato is a seaport town blessed with all the bounties of the sea. The neighborhood around Tsumesyo Mikuni is dotted with fish merchants who handle locally-sourced seafood. You'll find not only sashimi but grilled and broiled fish for sale, as well. The surrounding area is a rich and broad landscape also renowned as a veritable treasure trove of fruits, vegetables, and rice.

Dried right-eye flounder and salt-simmered dottyback, shredded seaweed and salt-preserved shiouni sea urchin; Fukui's koshihikari rice as well as Mikuni dune scallions and daikon radish — come savor the edibles of Mikuni.

You'll find a variety of different restaurants around Tsumesyo Mikuni, all loved by locals. In addition, we've also prepared special catering menus from local eateries. Each one boasts items that will allow you to savor the flavors of Mikuni during your stay here. We hope you'll take this opportunity to enjoy the dishes of your choice while relaxing in the comfort of your suite.

Catering ordering in advance required / available only for dinner / JPY 5,000 (tax incl.) per guest


Northern Prawn Kaiseki Banquet Cuisine
This is a serving of traditional kaiseki banquet cuisine using northern prawn freshly-caught at Mikuni Port. Savor its rich, creamy texture and depth of sweetness. You'll be able to sample its flavor in a variety of different ways, including tempura-fried, grilled, and as sashimi using generously-sized and eye-pleasing prawns.*Some ingredients vary by season.


Shokado Premium Bento Box
This serving of bento box cuisine focuses on the seasonal fishes and seafood taken from the ocean around Mikuni. Presented in gorgeous Shokado style, the flavors the bento box brings have been familiar to this seaport town since the Meiji era.*Ingredients vary by season.

When placing a catering order, please be aware of these notes and precautions.